This year I was blown away by the amount of orders! I sold out everything I was planning to sell in months... in 2 hours!!!

 It's my 6th year doing my traditional calendars and I was sure that I knew how many calendars I needed to order... I've never been so wrong! hahahahaha

I'm so incredibly happy that so many of you like what I create and decided to support my works! 

From my side these last few months have been filled with a lot of work to deliver you the best results possible!

And today I'm very happy to announce that I finally received the full stock of my new 2023 calendars! The first orders have been sent already and I'm so excited for their new owners to receive them (hopefully very soon)! 

I use a fairly fast shipping service, but it's the holidays season, so we never know hahaha

As I already mentioned, a lot of work has been done these last few months to make these calendars and the new photobook! 

As some of you may know, in 2022 I moved to France and had to find new trustworthy printing companies. At the beginning it was quite stressful, but now I can say for sure - this change was for the better!

This year's calendars and the photobook are the best so far in terms of printing and photo quality! The printing companies I now work with are collaborating with top fashion houses, world known designers and even gaming companies for their collector's editions. I can't be more proud of the new result!

Also, I improved the packaging for the calendars this year. All of them are factory shrink wrapped, to protect your orders from bad weather and sometimes irresponsible postmans hahaha Due to the fact that now all calendars are shrink wrapped even before they arrive to me, I decided to add a special designed card for signature instead of putting my signature on the cover of the calendars. So all the orders which include calendars will come with this special card signed for you individually

Those who ordered bundles with posters can expect them to arrive in a stylish thick black envelope with a personal handwritten message on it ;) 

I wanted to thank you all again from the bottom of my heart for your incredible support! I really hope that you will be very happy when you receive your orders! :)

I wish you all an amazing end of the year and now ...I return to my packing duties! hahahaha


with love